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Podlasie products and commodities offered to importers BRAK LEADU!!!!!!!!!

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When Investing

Food industry


Mlekovita. This is the most valuable production sector brand in the Polish economy (according to Rzeczpospolita rating dated 17.12.2013). Its portfolio comprises over 500 products. In five product categories (i.e. pasteurized milk, soft salt cheese, hard ripened cheese, flavoured milk, and butter and fats), Mlekovita products are considered number one in the Polish market. This is the only company in Poland that produces drawn butter and Cheddar cheese, and the only Podlasie enterprise that has launched industrial-scale manufacture of ice-cream. Its product portfolio also includes a number of regional products, such as Zakopiańskie Specjały (Zakopane specialties) which are sold countrywide.


Contact details: 18-200 Wysokie Mazowieckie, ul. Ludowa 122, phone +48 86 27 58 200, +48 86 27 58 333,


"Polmos" Białystok SA. This is one of the largest and most diversified producers of spirit products in Poland. It manufactures a wide array of quality vodkas (pure, dry, semi-dry and sweet), including the world-famous Żubrówka, together with brandy, liqueurs, cordials and beverages with low alcohol content. Its product range comprises a total of 40 items, available in the volume of 0.05 l to 1.75 l.


Contact details: ul. Elewatorska 20, Białystok 15-950, phone +85 6512905, tel. + 85 6510496,,


Wood, furniture and paper industry


Dak-Pol Sp. z o.o. The facility located within the Knyszyn Forest, at a distance of 24 km from Białystok, is a sawmill with three frame sawing machines and a milling capacity of 100 m3 per shift. It is equipped with a computer steering system, with a single batch of around 300 m3 (six chambers), which ensures high-quality product drying.

Product portfolio: structural timber, exterior clapboards, floorboards and construction timber.


Contact details: ul. Tartaczna 7, 16-020 Czarna Białostocka (podlaskie), phone +48 (85) 710 39 60 +48 (85) 710 36 71,;


Consultor. The lumber-mill facility based in Zabiele manufactures a wide variety of sawmill products, ranging from unedged timber, to sawn timber and ornamental borders used in the manufacture of laminated timber, furniture timber, carpentry timber and roof structures, to certified construction and structural timber.

Product portfolio: edged timber, unedged timber, construction timber, sawn timber, structural timber, biomass, sawdust, dry pine timber and wet pine timber.


Contact details: Zabiele 137, 19-124 Jaświły, phone +48 517 780 783,,


SPPH Wital. The principal activity of the Suwałki-based Wital Manufacturing and Trading Company entails the manufacture and sales of sawmill products. Its production plant is located in Szypliszki, by the Suwałki-Budzisko route (leading to a border crossing with Lithuania). Its annual processing capacity reaches around 20,000 m3. The company has obtained the FSC certificate, and has pursued cooperation with German and Dutch contractors for several years now.

Product portfolio: tailored pine and spruce timber intended for construction purposes, semi-manufactured sawmill products, structural elements for residential buildings, pallet elements, square timber, pergolas, fences and palings.


Contact details: ul. Modrzewiowa 9, 16-400 Suwałki, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (87) 568 10 81 +48 (87) 568 10 81,,


Mikołajewo Sawmill. The facility deals with wood processing and sawing. It also renders commissioned wood treatment services.

Product portfolio: edged and unedged timber, straightedges, beams, square timber, upholstery and timbering boards, and roof structures.


Contact details: Mikołajewo 23, 16-503 Krasnopol, Podlaskie Voivodeship +48 608 517 691 +48 87 516 44 15,,


Borowski Sawmill. The facility features a modern computer-controlled timber drying chamber.

Product portfolio: timbering boards, floorboards, terrace boards, wall clips, structural timber, palings and construction timber. The wood used in the production process is obtained from the Knyszyn State Forests.


Contact details: Łopienie Szelągi 25, 18-212 Nowe Piekuty, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (86) 476 15 46 +48 (86) 476 15 46,,


Tartak Supraśl Sp. z o.o. Apart from timber, the sawmill also sells cement, lime and clinker brick. As regards wood processing, it renders the following kinds of services - vacuum pressure impregnation, immersion impregnation, timber drying and timber carving. The company is a member of the Polish Economic Chamber of Wood Industry.

Product portfolio: coniferous wood, roof structures, floorboards and upholstery boards.


Contact details: ul. Białostocka 13, 16-030 Supraśl, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (85) 718 30 70 +48 (85) 718 33 55,,


Juan. The company operates a modern production plant and owns logistic facilities, together with warehouse buildings with an area exceeding 10,000 m2. It provides diversified products, including furniture tops, door ribbons, interior windowsills in more than 80 decors. It also offers a wide range of laminates, laminated and veneered chipboards, HDF and MDF boards, construction OSB boards, finishing profiles and edges, furniture accessories and ferrules, elements of finishing and furniture equipment of renowned producers.

Product portfolio: fibre-boards, laminated boards, MDF boards, veneered boards, HDF boards, plywood, particle boards and OSB boards and veneer-faced boards.


Contact details: ul. Magazynowa 1, 19-203 Grajewo, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (86) 273 01 27 +48 (86) 273 01 20,,


KlonPłyt s.c. The facility is equipped with a high-tech machine park that allows it to prepare, affix and polish veneer pieces. The veneer-faced boards offered by the company are commonly used by furniture producers in the manufacture of high-standard furniture.

Product portfolio: particle boards, HDF and MDF boards, veneer-faced plywood and table tops.


Contact details: ul. 1 Maja 10 B, 18-200 Wysokie Mazowieckie, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (86) 477 02 55 +48 (86) 477 01 60,,


Lambud. The company sells its products to carpenters and wood producers from Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. For several years, Lambud has acted as an authorised representative of Kronopol Żary, the leading Polish manufacturer of furniture boards and tops. It also closely cooperates with a number of producers of furniture accessories and fittings, including Hettich, Spax, Nomet, Gamet and Rejs, and also with the producers of Laguna sliding door systems. Its product range further includes a large selection of Henkel chemical products used in the furniture industry. Lambud also renders carpentry services.

Product portfolio: kitchen furniture fronts with PCV, Acrilux and Polygloss, and aluminium-filled veneers.


Contact details: ul. Pogodna 18, 15-354 Białystok, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (85) 745 45 71 +48 (85) 745 53 93,,


Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. The Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. Group is one of the largest Central and Eastern European producers of structural materials used in furniture, interior decoration and construction industries. Its distribution system is based on direct sales to enterprises with a considerable production potential, as well as to small and medium-sized entities that are served through a specialised Pfleiderer Partner sales network. It comprises over 60 conveniently located sales points, providing a wide range of materials and services, both to corporate and individual clients. The company holds a FSC certificate, along with many other certificates recognised in various countries (E1, GOSTR), including those based on CARB 1 and CARB 2 requirements.


Product portfolio: HDF and MDF boards, and laminates.


Contact details: ul. Wiórowa 1, 19-203 Grajewo, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (86) 272 96 00 +48 (86) 272 39 83,,


Wiór Sp.j. Kostro, Romaniuk. The company has a few thousand square kilometres of its own warehouse area, a kitchen furniture studio and a sales centre. In 2002 it joined other companies participating in the Pfleiderer Partner programme. Wiór mainly deals with distributing articles used in furniture production. The company operates both in the domestic (north-eastern and central) market, and abroad, including mainly in eastern markets. Its products are supplied to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the Baltic countries.

Product portfolio: laminated and raw boards, HDF and MDF boards, particle boards and kitchen tops.


Contact details: ul. Gen. Wł. Andersa 38, 15-113 Białystok podlaskie +48 (85) 66 49 740 +48 (85) 66 49 741,,


Zakłady Przemysłu Sklejek Biaform S.A. This manufacturing and trading company sells birch and alder plywood. It was the first entity in Poland to launch the manufacture of phenol film-coated plywood and plywood varnishing.

Product portfolio: moisture resistant plywood, water-proof plywood, phenol film-coated plywood and varnished plywood.


Contact details: ul. Dojlidy Fabryczne 24, 15-566 Białystok, phone +48 (85) 74 07 910 +48 (85) 74 07 902,,


PHU Płytex. The principal activity of Płytex Trading and Service Company entails the sales of furniture boards, working tops and accessories. It renders formatting services, along with coating of furniture boards and working tops. It also executes curves, squares and other unusual elements on request. The company owns a high-tech machine park.

Product portfolio: laminated boards, kitchen tops, and other.


Contact details: ul. Nowowarszawska 128/1, 15-206 Białystok, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (85) 741 52 05 +48 (85) 868 40 36,,


PHU Raj. The Raj Trading and Service Company is one of the largest wholesalers of materials and accessories used in furniture production in the region, supplying its products to domestic and foreign producers (including from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and across the Commonwealth of Independent States). The company has a few thousand square metres of warehouse area at its disposal, storing furniture boards and tops in over 100 colours, and a large variety of furniture fronts. It distributes raw and laminated plywood manufactured by Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. and acts as the regional distributor of furniture fronts produced by BRW Sp. z o.o. in Mielec.

Product portfolio: painted, varnished and veneered MDF boards, and aluminium furniture fronts.


Contact details: ul. Mickiewicza 5, 19-200 Grajewo, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (86) 272 26 21 +48 (86) 272 26 21,,


Biruna S.A. The fabrics produced by the company are supplied to both domestic entities, and to the demanding markets of the UK, Australia, Germany, Denmark and Greece. The company also operates in Eastern European countries. Biruna is the leading producer of fleece fabrics in the Polish market.

Product portfolio: fabrics and upholstery materials.


Contact details: ul. Nadrzeczna 22, 16-010 Wasilków, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 (85) 749 79 00 +48 (85) 749 79 10,,


Intertex Zalewski i Wspólnicy Sp.j. The company offers a diverse selection of furniture fabrics, decorative fabrics, upholstery accessories and polyurethane foams. It conducts both retail sales and wholesales.

Product portfolio: furniture, fabrics, upholstery accessories, foams, mattresses, artificial leather, door upholstery, eco-leather, staples, staplers, drawing-pins, threads, springs, bonells, glues, armchairs, folding sofas, puffs, sofas, corner settees, chests of drawers, bathroom furniture, mix furniture, corner sofas, tables, chairs, coffee tables, kitchen furniture, wardrobes, living room furniture, mirrors, lifts, needles, belts, legs, footers, reels, wheels, tapestry, flocks, plush, foundry pigs, chenille, jacquards, coverlets, felt, rope, ornamental bands, hinges, microfibre, non-woven materials and oils.


Contact details: ul. Warszawska 59, 15-077 Białystok, phone +48 (85) 741 22 31 +48 (85) 740 78 20,,


FHU Iberis M. Derejko. This trade company operates according to a modern management model, trading in furniture fabrics, both in Poland and in numerous European countries. All fabrics hold the necessary certificates issued by the Polish Institute of Textile Material Engineering, which confirm the top quality of its products.

Product portfolio: a selection of chenille, chamois leather, microfibre, jacquards, velour, plush, flocks and eco-leather.


Contact details: Giełczyn, Górzysta 23, 18-400 Łomża, Podlaskie Voivodeship, phone +48 602 619 319 -,


Pianpol Sp.j. Apart from foam processing, the enterprise also deals with retail sales and wholesales of furniture accessories. Currently it owns a well-developed machine park. Customers are offered ready bonell formats, moulders and complete foam sets, ready for furniture assembly.

Product portfolio: furry fabrics, polypropylene and foundation fabrics, staplers, staples, pins, threads, glues, bonells, springs, coco mats, upholstery belts, rubber bands, artificial leather, lining fabrics, polyether foams, polyester foams and flexible foams.


Contact details: Al. Piłsudskiego 78, 18-400 Łomża, phone, +48 (86) 218 22 77 +48 (86) 218 22 90,


PIK Sp.j. The company sells fabrics manufactured with the use of the latest technologies, both in the Polish and foreign markets. It provides a wide variety of patterns and colours to be selected from producer catalogues or specifically tailored to customer needs. Around 1000 fabric models are available in stock on a continuous basis.

Product portfolio: velour, chenille, jacquards, plush, leather-like fabrics, foundry pigs, ornamental fabrics and around 1000 fabric models are available in stock.


Contact details: Al. Konstytucji 3 Maja 34, 15-776 Białystok, phone, +48 (85) 654 47 84 +48 (85) 654 47 84,,


Construction and machine industry


PRONAR Sp. z o.o. Based in Narew (Podlaskie Voivodeship), PRONAR is a leading Polish and global producer of agricultural machinery. It offers a wide range of systems and solutions applied in the modern agriculture, municipal services management and road transport. It is a renowned producer of agricultural tractors that has earned its fame in Poland and abroad. PRONAR tractors are built using quality subassemblies delivered by global manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Iveco, Perkins, Deutz, ZF, Bosch and Carraro. These products have set new construction, technical, equipment and quality standards. Being constantly extended, the PRONAR portfolio currently comprises over 30 tractor models with the power of 35 to 265 KM.

PRONAR is also a leader in the agricultural and specialised trailers production. Its diversified trailers portfolio comprises over 120 versions and models of dropside and monocoque trailers, with load capacity ranging from 2 to 33 tonnes. These are three-way tipper framing models, built using a single-, double- or triple-axis chassis. Open tandem- and tridem-chassis trailers are also available. Additionally, PRONAR provides a wide array of specialised trailers, such as transhippers, trailers with sliding front wall "power push" systems, animal transport trailers, wood transport trailers, silo and potato transport trailers, hook lift and container trailers, construction trailers, manure spreaders and many more. The company is continually expanding its range of operations. Currently it also produces high-speed trailers designated for transport and construction industry. Finally, the company sells central-axis trailers, PC2100-type three-way tippers and PC2200-type box trailers. Other trailer models will be available in stock very soon.

In response to the ongoing market needs, PRONAR has been offering modern solutions for green forage collection, silage preparation and fodder distribution machines.

In 1997 PRONAR launched an autonomous manufacture and sales centre of disc wheels used in low-speed vehicles, such as tractors, construction machines, as well as forest, municipal service and military vehicles. Owing to its cooperation with renowned European tyre producers, complete tyred wheels have recently been included in the company's portfolio.

Since 1998 PRONAR has manufactured high-class elements of power hydraulic and pneumatic systems. It offers hydraulic piston-type, plunger-type and telescopic actuators, along with hydraulic and pneumatic high- and low-pressure pipes of various models. They are used in different types of machines in agricultural, construction, mining and automotive industry. Certified compressed-air containers are also available.

In 2001the company opened a plastic products manufacturing centre which produces cabin equipment elements and external tractor parts, such as bonnets, wings, panels, consoles, seats, steering wheels, armrests, rugs and ceilings.

Last but not least, PRONAR is a major distributor of metallurgical materials, both of domestic origin and produced by renowned global foundries. It sells diversified models of sheet metal, section steel, rods, closed sections, and similar materials, available in different dimensions and types.


Contact details: ul. Mickiewicza 101 A, 17-210 Narew,, tel./fax

85 681 63 29, 85 681 64 29.


SaMasz. This is the Polish largest and one of the leading European producers of agricultural and municipal service machinery, and snow ploughs. Its product portfolio comprises over 200 machines of different kinds, such as drum mowers, disc mowers, hay tedders, rakes, fail mowers, cantilever mowers and snow ploughs. Apart from Poland, the major sales markets of SaMasz include Russia, Germany, the UK, Finland, Spain and the Baltic countries. In general, its products are exported to 50 countries worldwide. The SaMASZ partners network includes 65 trading and manufacturing enterprises in Poland, and over 100 companies abroad. In the country, the company products are delivered free-of-charge to dealers and end recipients.


Contact details: 15-161 Białystok, ul. Trawiasta 15, phone +48 85 664 70 31, fax +48 85 664 70 41, e-mail:,


Unibep SA. The company operates in the residential construction, trade and service, general and public procurement sectors. Residential construction is one of its principal areas of activity in Poland as the company has attained a strong position in the largest market in the country, i.e. in the Warsaw agglomeration. The exports activities of Unibep are focused on the eastern markets and on the Scandinavian market where it operates through its Unihose Branch Office.


Contact details: UNIBEP S.A., 17-100 Bielsk Podlaski, ul. 3 Maja 19, phone +85 731 80 00,,


Budimex Danwood Sp.z o.o. The company belongs to the Budimex Group which is the Polish largest construction corporation. It hires over 400 employees and is the leading Polish producer of prefabricated houses, capable of constructing around 600 houses per year. The DAN-WOOD HOUSE brand has gained its fame all over Europe.


Contact details: ul. Brańska 132, 17-100 Bielsk Podlaski, House Sales, phone

512 068 029,


Altrad Spomasz S.A. The company specialises in the manufacture of construction, agriculture, food industry and catering equipment. Since 2000 it has been a member of the Altrad Group which is the largest global producer of concrete mixers. It cooperates with major supermarkets and wholesalers across the country. Its products are also exported to the EU Member States, to the Commonwealth of Independent States, and to other countries.


Contact details: ul. Nowosielska 6, 15-617 Białystok, phone +48 (85) 661 43 03, +48 (85) 661 32 60,,


Mir-Best. The principal activity of the company entails rendering high-standard trade and repair services in the road and construction machinery sectors. It employs highly-qualified staff, both in the trade and repair departments. It maintains a warehouse of spare parts and conducts repair work. Its product portfolio includes power generators, vibratory plates, cold chisels, trowels, pumps, concrete solutions, cutting and drilling solutions, paving tools, measuring devices, heater cores and power tools.


Contact details: ul. I Armii Wojska Polskiego 9, 15-102 Białystok, phone +48 (85) 662 33 44, +48 (85) 662 34 71,,


Ceramika Budowlana Lewkowo Sp. z o.o. The company trades in a wide selection of products satisfying the applicable European standards, which are necessary to build a house from scratch. It operates in line with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PN-N-18001 requirements.

Product portfolio: structural floor hollow blocks, solid brick, cellular brick, chequer brick, air-channel hollow blocks, partition hollow blocks, wall hollow blocks, acoustic hollow blocks, modular brick and ceramic hollow blocks.


Contact details: Lewkowo Stare 64, 17-220 Narewka, +48 (85) 685 62 99, +48 (85) 685 62 13,,


Atlas Group Sp. z o.o. The company manufactures construction chemicals. Products distributed under its stork logo are recognised by over 80% of Poles. Atlas has built a new strong brand that is currently considered one of the most valuable Polish brands. Its Integrated Management System consists of three major sub-systems, i.e. quality management (DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008), environmental management (DIN-EN ISO 14001:2005), and OHS management (BS OHSAS 18001:2007).

Product portfolio: ceramic and stone covering materials, priming materials, cleaning and protective materials, mortar additives, floor and self-levelling subfloor, ready-mixed building mortars, insulation and sealing materials, high quality and slabless plasters, insulation systems, paints, materials for wall-papering, plaster products floorings, insulation systems, paints, materials for wall-papering and plaster products.


Contact details: Production Plant in Suwałki, Main Office: ul. Kilińskiego 2, 91-421 Łódź +48 (42) 631 88 00, +48 (42) 631 89 99,,


Kruszbet S.A. The company manufactures cobblestone, drip trays, gazons, kerb stone, blocks, palisades, pavement stones, rims, openwork tiles and hollow blocks. Its products display high quality and their parameters conform to the binding Polish standards. Its cobblestone has received technical approval of the Road and Bridge Research Institute and all other products hold the applicable certificates of conformity. Since 2003 the company has been operating according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001 certified in 2007.


Contact details: ul. Bakałarzewska 86, 16-400 Suwałki, phone +48 (87) 566 48 33, +48 (87) 566 51 37,,


Sokółka Okna i Drzwi S.A. The company is one of the largest window and door joinery producers in the Polish market. Since autumn 2006 Sokółka Okna i Drzwi has become part of the international Inwido AB Group of Swedish origin, whose annual turnover value exceeds EUR 330 million. The Group, comprising leading producers along with major window and door brands, is one of the biggest suppliers in the northern European joinery industry.

Product portfolio: windows, doors, windowsills, roller blinds and mosquito nets.


Contact details: ul. Lotników Lewoniewskich 1, 16-100 Sokółka, phone +48 (85) 722 02 50 +48 (85) 722 02 51,,